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The Rising Star Of Everwood
EverwoodOnline.Com's Exclusive Interview With Vivien Cardone's Grandfather

Date: March 2003
Subject: Everwood's Vivien Cardone
Article by: Emma
Source: EverwoodOnline.Com Exclusive
Credit/Thank You's: Vivien's Grandfather and the EverwoodOnline.Com Members


Everwood has not only caught the eyes of millions of viewers across America, but also the eyes of the critics, who have nothing but great things to say about the series that premiered in September of last year. What makes a great show? Well of course you have to have great writers, directors, and crew members, but most importantly you have to have a great cast. Without a great cast, even the greatest story ever written is never truly told, but that's not something Everwood has to worry about. It comes fully equipped with an amazing cast.

One member of this amazing cast is Vivien Cardone, a natural-born performer. When Everwood premiered, a lot of fans recognized her as Marcee Herman from A Beautiful Mind. It was in the role of Marcee that she first broadcasted her amazing talent that she capable of. But Vivien's talents aren't limited to acting. She also has a beautiful singing voice not to mention she is an award-winning Irish step dancer as well. All and all, she's one talented little girl.

I had the privilege and honor to get the chance to interview Vivien Cardone's grandfather for EverwoodOnline.Com. Below are some of the questions sent in by Vivien's fans and members of our forums. Enjoy.

Q. How did Vivien get started in acting? - christy86

A. It all started with her older sister Olivia. Olivia started making commercials. My daughter would take her along with them, when Olivia had an audition for a commercial, Low and behold, she took a crack at it, There after Vivien made several commercials, One evening my daughter received a call from her agent, If she would be interested in having Vivien try out for a part in a new movie called A Beautiful Mind, staring Russell Crowe. Well Vivien asked who is Russell Crow, and she said that she would like to give it a try. After her audition, My daughter receive a call on her cellular phone on the way back home, That Vivien had won the part of Marcee. With the blessings of Russell Crow & Ron Howard. I guess from there on the rest is history.

Q. Does Vivien ever get noticed in public? - Everwoodfan88

A. Several times that My wife and I, were out with her at restaurants and other places, She has been. One in particular I can remember, she came out of an amusement park, and a group of kids were waiting for her to get her autograph, She handled it like a real trouper.

Q. Has being an actress on a hit television show changed Vivien?- Crashdown mommy

A. To my surprise, no, One would think with the special attention she gets on the set, that Vivien would expect to get the same treatment at home. But that is not so, The family doesn't treat her any different then any of the other kids, and she doesn't expect to be treated any different.

Q. What's her favorite pop tart flavor? - Richter

A. I really don't know, I guess you would have to ask her that question.( Probably likes them all )

Q.Does Vivien ever get a chance to go come online and checkout some of her fan sites devoted to Everwood? - Emma

A. Yes, she has her own computer, and visits often.

Q. Are Vivien and her character, Delia, alike?- sammielovesgreg

A. I would have to say only in some ways. Vivien is to most extent a polished and bright soon to be 10 year old. She has already has advanced ahead one grade in her school years. She never had trouble remembering her lines, right from the beginning, It never seeks to amazes her directors.

Q. Of the entire cast. Who is Vivien closest with? - Emma

A. From what I have seen, Vivien has not picked out any special person. She adores them all, and they all adore her.

Q. How often do you see Vivien? Does any of the family stay with her on the set?- Twinkletoes247

A. Well, we spent the summer with them (My daughter and the rest of the kids). When she is on the set, she is accompanied by her mother, aunt or my wife and myself.

Q. What is the funniest story that Vivien has shared (with her family) about working on Everwood? - choirmom

A. I can't recall any thing from Everwood, but I do recall a story from A Beautiful Mind. There was a part that Russell Crow was to come out riding a bicycle, when Ron Howard called for him to come out riding a bike, he came out ridding a tricycle. Ron Howard Screamed Russell "I said bike Not trike", well everyone broke up, especially Vivien.

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