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Everwood's Most Adorable
EverwoodOnline.Com's Exclusive Interview With Ryan Armstrong and His Mother

Date: July 2003
Subject: Everwood's Ryan Armstrong
Article by: Emma
Source: EverwoodOnline.Com Exclusive
Credit/Thank You's: Ryan Armstrong, Mrs. Armstrong, FB members, and Scribe


Everwood has made a huge name for itself this last year, and it has a huge fan base that cannot wait to see what happens in the fall. With the second season now filming, all the actors have gone back to the set to film even more memorable moments that the fans will come to love. One of these actors going back is Ryan Armstrong, better known on the show as Nina Feeny's son, Sam Feeny.

Ryan not only does an amazing job as Sam, but he also found his place in the fans' hearts. You can't help but to completely adore this little boy when you see him on screen. It's safe to say that Everwood wouldn't be the same without him.

I had the privilege and the honor of interviewing Ryan Armstrong and his mother for EverwoodOnline.Com. Below are some of the questions sent in by Ryan's fans and members of our forums. Enjoy.

Questions for Ryan

Q. What's your favorite food? - Noah

A. Pizza

Q. Have you ever in any other acting roles? - GregorySmith:)

A. Yes I did a pilot Called "Murphy's Dozen", I have also done an episode of "Will & Grace" and a "JCPenny's" Commercial

Q. What is your favorite kind of candy?- chichen02

A. 3 Musketeer's Bar

Q. What is your favorite TV show that you watch? - Emma

A. Smallville & Fear Factor

Q. Who do you enjoy hanging out with most on the set? - roxy_girl

A. Vivian because she is the only one close to my age.

Questions for Ryan's Mother

Q. How did Ryan get in to acting?- colorado

A. A neighbor said we should try it.

Q. Does Ryan try to get "star" treatment with his brothers or is he just a normal kid at home? - Scribe

A. No, he acts totally normal at home

Q. How does it feel having your son star on a show that is so successful? - allyluvya

A. It has been very exciting being part of such a wonderful show.

Q. What does Ryan do in his spare time on the set? - niki_washue25

A. When he is not doing school work, Ryan enjoys playing in the snow or playing games in his trailer.

Q. Has Ryan changed or matured since playing Sam on the show? - ~*dan's gurl*~

A. He has defiantly matured in a lot of ways.

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