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Press Kits
Title Details
Season 1 DVD Press Kit Video Clips, Press Release Document

Multimedia Downloads

Title Details Video Music
Opening Credits Theme Song X Not Available a Download Here

Music Videos

Focused On Artist/Song Video/Type Author
Amy/Ephram Rufio-
Face the truth
a Download Here
Real Player
The Used
Amy/Ephram Avril Lavigne-
Sk8ter Boi
a Download Here
Real Player
The Used
Amy/Ephram Vanessa Cartlon-
Ordinary Day
a Download Here
Real Player
The Used
Audition Script Downloads
Actor's From Format Download
Nurse Louise Kissing Bridge;
The Doctor Is In
PDF a Download Here
Dr. Trott The Doctor Is In PDF a Download Here
Colin Hart We Hold These Truths PDF a Download Here
Soundclip Downloads
Title Episode Description Download
Denver "The Kissing Bridge" Amy and Ephram is explaining to Amy about the dance he almost went to at his old school. a Download Here
Penguin Hat "The Kissing Bridge" Andy put Delia's hat in the dryer...and she needs a pop-tart. a Download Here
Scratched Bumper "The Kissing Bridge" Bright and Harold having a "talk" a Download Here
Doe, A Deer "Deer God" Ephram explains how he's going to take the deer home. a Download Here
Attendance Award "Deer God" Harold wants Amy to write the press bio on him. a Download Here
Boy Crush "Deer God" Amy finishes the article on Harold a Download Here
The Reserve "Deer God" Ephram and Andy make it to the reserve, to find it gone. a Download Here
80 Miles "Deer God" The motorcycle went 80 miles on fumes.... a Download Here
Amy's Song "The Doctor Is In" Ephram's song he made for Amy, with Irv narrating. a Download Here
We or Me? "The Doctor Is In" Louise goes to Dr. Trott and gets a new attitude towards Dr. Abbott. a Download Here
The Hat "The Doctor Is In" Delia and Magilla see each other for the last time and she gives him the penguin hat. a Download Here

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